Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hair collects oil!!!!

Hi Readers..
After hearing all over the news about the Gulf Oil Spill, we started researching ways to help or donate. Through perusing the internet, I came across, an ecological public charity. This charity collects hair to create "booms" and "hairmats" that help with collecting oil from oil spills.

Here's a little back history on the entire concept. Phil McCrory, a hairstylist, started wondering what to do with all of the hair that is swept up and thrown away each and everyday in salons all over the world. Phil took home a grocery bag filled with hair and created a makeshift "oil spill" in a bucket of water. Phil stuffed the hair into one of wife's old nylons and began to use it as a sponge in the water. Nearly five minutes later, the water was close to 95% clear again!! This began his incredible invention of the "hair mat." Hair Mats are basically flat square dreadlocks.

At first, it sounds tricky to consider something could be so easy. However if you think about it, why do you wash your hair? Because it's's dirty because...HAIR COLLECTS OIL!!

Here are just a few facts:
- 300,000 pounds of hair and animal fur are cut in the US everyday.
-Every year, an estimated 706 million gallons of oil enter our planet's waterways.
-One typical 5 quart oil change improperly dumped can contaminate millions of gallons of freshwater.
-Used motor oil accounts for 363 million gallons in our oceans.

In this entry, I am linking a video from the site that may help explain better than I can. (Sorry, I'm a colorist, not a writer!;) These facts are so sad, it's really unfair to think this happens to our one and only Earth. :(

Liana and I are hoping to present this info with our Salon and see if we can start donating immediately, we are hoping to be able to reach out to clients and ask for old pantyhose to send in as well, check back for details!!