Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding Hair Recap...

A few months ago, I posted a few trial shots of wedding hair for my long time friend, Angela. It's always nice for me to do something with hair that doesn't involve a brush and a bowl every once in awhile. Now that her wedding has passed, some of the professional pics were emailed over to me. I love them! Just thought I'd share some of the photos with you...

Getting primped..I fell in love with her hair band..

The final product, she looks stunning!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sugar and Spice makes all things Nice..

In honor of Valentine's day, yes I'm aware I'm a day late, (but I was off celebrating with the boyfriend) I'd like to share with you my recent girl crush, Josephine De La Baume. She's a Parisian chick, and like most young American girls, growing up, I was in love with anything to do with Paris. I don't think she has done much more than a few C-list movies and a good amount of ad campains. However, she's smokin hot, and what more do you need in a crush..?? Josephine is also the new face for Agent Provocateur, the super sexy and provocative lingerie company. I added a clip of a racy video, from P.A., which is a behind the scenes glimpse of the photo shoot the company did with Josephine, because after all, Valetine's day is meant to be a little sweet and ofcourse, a little sexy, just like Josephine!

Happy Post-Valentines!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New month, New music....

So, this is a blog about hair..... but we like to incorporate all art while still having hair and fashion as one of it's main components. On that note, I recently started listening to the band "Bear hands" (they've been around for awhile but just got into them as of lately). I got the chance to go to a very intimate show they played last thursday at "The Red pPalace" formerly "The Red and the black". The show was pretty awesome, short and sweet. I was too hungry to stick around for the other two bands to play but I did get to see these guys play. They put on a great show, and have cute style too, and some pretty sweet haircuts.

Here's some pics and an unofficial video (that i like better than the ofiicial one!!)