Sunday, April 3, 2011

the perfect pixie

I was never a fan of Dawson's Creek, but lovely Michelle Williams has come a long way. I honestly don't even rememeber what other actors were even on that show, Katie Holmes maybe??

Anyway, for years I said once I hit 30, I'd chop off all of my locks. I have sported long hair my entire life and have been envious of the fearless women out there that take the plunge and go short. Now that I AM 30, it doesn't feel so entirely urgent to chop my hair off. I realize now, your thirties, as well as your 20s, 40s, 50s, and 60s (as well as the rest of your life)..should all be spent embracing who you are. No matter what color my hair is, the length of it is clearly a part of who I am. I'm planning on being one of those older gals with a big bun and red lipstick..maybe.

HOWever, I will continue to admire a good pixie from afar, in all of its braving glory..