Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer is Here

Hard to believe that we are headed into the middle of June! I can remember freezing my toes off on my walk to work just a few months ago.

But now that it's here, it's time to embrace those sweat droplets running down our backs and the little frizzies DC brings to our hair. Such fun..womp womp.

So in the midst of pun intended, here are my three go-to's for my hair!

Redken's UV Rescue is a product I have been using for years now. It was recommended to me by my former stylist and has been in my beach bag ever since. Not only have I found that it keeps my hair from feeling dry throughout the summer, it also seems to really help keep my color looking fresh. You can spray it in wet or dry hair. The product has a milky texture (hence the name "sun milk") so even if you do spray it in dry hair, you won't be left feeling like a grease ball.
** P.S. This product is usually 13-14 bucks, pretty reasonable!!*

Next up, is Moroccan Oil Light Oil Treatment. In my opinion, this is the best oil treatment on the market. However, I have pretty thick hair and when first giving the Moroccan Oil treatment a shot,I noticed how heavy of a product this is. It made me wonder if recommending it to clients with fine hair, or even my very fair blonde clients would be the best choice. I guess I wasn't the only one thinking this. The company has come out with a "lighter" version which seems to get the job done perfectly. I consider this a treat to myself, and like to use this product when I have extra time to soak in. I usually put it on my hair dry and use a cheapie shower cap to retain heat. I let it sit for about 20 minutes. One thing about any oil treatment, make sure to thoroughly rinse and to just saturate midshaft to ends. LOVE THIS STUFF.

Third would be Ojan's Rub-Out Dry Shampoo. This stuff is by far the best dry shampoo we've ever tried. I don't believe that any dry shampoo or hair powder can replace the feeling of just washed hair, it just hasn't been proven possible thus far. But this is the closest thing to it. Not only is it an oil eraser but it also helps add volume to the hair. Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray is also an amazing product, I tend to prefer it more for styling though.

So here we are, my tried and tested summer must-haves. Eventhough I said only three in the beginning of this post, I will always and forever be a HUGE devotee to Bumble's Surf Spray. We have featured this spray on the blog before. This spray is absolutely perfect for when humidity is having its best with your hair. I succumb to it and just go with the flow, surf spray allows my hair to look like it's wavy on purpose, not just frizzing up. Most likely, my very most favorite product I have ever tried. Love it.

Stay hydrated and take care of your hair, people!! :)