Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer is Here!

It has been awhile friends!! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer and ready to battle the fabulous DC humidity we all adore so dearly. Lots of things are happening right now and we have enjoyed all of our client visits as everybody is transitioning into their summer hair.

We have been collecting hair for the oil booms and actually made a personal trip to the post office to send out our first collection of hair to Florida. has also added a few more videos to their site that are fun to watch. We have watched them over and over and are still amazed something this easy could make such a huge difference. There has been controversy in regards to the topic and whether or not the natural made booms are sinking too quickly. We would like to find the time to do more research on the topic but until then, we're gonna keep on truckin'. We plan to keep our spirits high in hopes that every little fiber of hair makes some sort of difference.
Below are just a few silly photos of our crazy box of hair...who knows, maybe some of it is yours!!!

On a lighter note, in honor of summer, I would like to post a few photos of a incredibly stunning blonde client of mine. Her name is Kristina and she is a fairly new client that I adore. When Kristina first came into the salon she was a hair color virgin! Luckily for the majority of her life, she has remained blonde from the sun. During our consultation, her main issue was that she felt her hair was losing its natural lightness. Kristina's number one priority was to keep her haircolor looking very natural. I always love hearing this because "natural" beautiful haircolor is what I am all about. Here are a few photos of the lovely Kristina, you may be reminded of that classic California blonde by the photos. However, don't be mistaken, Kristina is a born and bred Texan. I swear, that state produces some beautiful women!!!

hair color: Jen Phillips
hair cut and style: Melissa Moses

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