Thursday, July 1, 2010

a big glass of hydration for your hair!

As we move into the month of July, we both are hoping each and everyone of you are having fun in the sun. Summer seems to come and go so quickly, and here we are at the first of July already! As bad as swimming in the pool and basking in the sun can be for your hair, Liana and I are both culprits of it ourselves... no worries we aren't judging you!! That's what summer is all about.

So in the case of fading color and thirsty locks, we would like to offer a Bumble and Bumble mask from their new line "quenching", this mask retails at $36.00 and is AHHHHHHmaazing. The mask is made with creatine conditioning factors that help to promote moisture replenishment and softness in your strands. Some of you may have had the treatment applied after your color service, as it has been on my go-to list as of late. The treatment is to be substituted for your normal (hopefully color protecting) conditioner. It can be left on for as long as you like, however takes about five minutes to get the job done.

quenching masque

As for the contest, all we ask of you is to pick your favorite iconic blonde, out of three pictures we have selected below. These three happen to be a few of our faves, yet there is no right or wrong. Just leave us a comment on who you have selected and why you chose her. Don't forget to include your name and email in the comment so we can be in touch with our lucky winner!!! Next Tuesday, we will hold the drawing and announce who is being sent the ahhhhmaaaazing treatment....okay enough with the ahhhhh business...;);)

Here's to a hotdog/tofudog filled Forth of July, enjoy friends!!


  1. Marilyn of course!!!
    Wheny ou think of iconic blond that is what comes to mind.. there are many beautiful well known blonds out there, but Marilyn is in a catergory all in her own. When you think of Marilyn you can help but think of BLONDE.
    love you Blog Jenny <3 - Lina

  2. Marilyn all the way! Dolly's is a weave/wig. And thanks for the tip on the treatment. I feel like so many of these types of products are just thick conditioners that don't really get the job done.

  3. Ok, I love Marilyn. Her hair looks so good here with the curls. JUST LOVE IT! BUT... In a way, I think she maybe be idolized by the world and she will automatically be chosen bc she is adored (even by me!) I am actually gonna go with Bridgette Bardot. She looks ultra sultry sexy. Some may not consider her an icon but lets think about it... that was then and Marilyn was probably the Linsay Lohan of our generation. Remember, I do love her... but once you are dead you become a saint...