Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hello friends!
Hopefully you are all here to check out our freebie contest! Below are three photos that we pulled from Style.com. All you have to do is take a look, and decide which hairstyle you adore the most! We happen to be in love with all three however, you can only pick one.
After you have chosen which is your favorite, leave us a brief note in the comment box on why you picked your best-loved look. A week from today, (Tuesday April 13th) we will then put all of your names in a drawing and handpick our lucky winner!!
So now for the good stuff, the winner will receive Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray and a tube of Brilliantine (retail value $42.00). After working with this product line for years, we have found that these two products are "must haves" for the summer. Surf Spray is used to create perfect beach waves, without leaving your hair crunchy. Surf Spray works best on either straight or wavy hair. Brilliantine is a finishing creme, and a little bit goes a long way! It gives hair polish, leaving the hair with a "slept in" sexy look.
Product - ImageProduct - Image
Best of luck! Remember in order to win you must comment to be entered into the drawing. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these beauties.
(No worries if you're not in the area, we will ship the product out to you!)
Look #1
Christian Dior Spring 2010 Couture

Look #2
Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2009 Couture

Look #3
Chanel Spring 2010 Couture


  1. I like #3 because of how neat and tidy it is. Also
    I like how it looks like a big puffy heart.

  2. I absolutely love #2! So classic, so chic. It takes a certain woman and elegance to pull that off. If only my hair could do that :)

  3. I love #2 for it's classic flapper style. Very sexy!

    Tiffany D.

  4. I love #2, so classy, so sophisticated can pretty much be worn with more on the runway. The other two take away from the outfit itself!

  5. I love numero uno! A little Marie Antoinette-esque!

  6. Look #2, I like more simple pleasures.

    Ps. My stylist used the surf spray on my hair after my cut last week, and that stuff rocks! She was in a Bumble and bumble mentor ship program in Tampa.

  7. I <3 number 1. it's intense and high, but still has the nice side pony going on. number 3 is a bit much, but number 1 i think most girls could pull off. sayin'

  8. I like #2 the most. It has the 1920's charm that is always going to be classic.

  9. #2. Finger waves FTW! Timeless and classy. It's something I could wear in my day-to-day life and not feel like it's "too much".