Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shades of Vermillion

Melissa, this beautiful and fiery redhead, was also a part of our photoshoot. Jen decided to use our client Melissa as a model to showcase a gorgeous ginger. Her color is a mix of copper and gold tones that come together to create an extremely vibrant yet natural red.
As far as styling goes, Melissa's hair was washed and blown out with a large round brush. Her hair, when wet, was coated with Bumble and Bumble "defrizz" serum and tons of volumizer mousse by Wella at the root..it was then topped off with "Royal Blowout" by Oribe. As each section was dried, the "cool" shot on the blow dryer was used to set the hair. As Jen dried each section, she wrapped the hair in large velcro rollers and left it to set as she continued drying. She did this throughout the entire head.
Once all of Melissa's hair was set in rollers. she let the entire roller set cool. After cooling, the rollers are then removed and the hair/scalp is literally massaged to loosen the curls..we are guessing this was Melissa's favorite part!! After the tendrils are relaxed, MAJOR teasing begins. Melissa's entire head was backcombed to create huge and dramatic hair for the photos.
If you're liking this look, but would like a little less flair, try backcombing lightly around the temples and crown area only. Finish the style off with hairspray for extra hold, we used Bumble and Bumble "classic" hairspray. We were very happy with the way it turned out. Melissa was a perfect candidate for the shoot, redheads should always rock their color with confidence which is exactly what this chica does!!!

P.S. Check back for a Bumble and Bumble Giveway next Tuesday April 6th!!!
Color : Jennifer Phillips
Cut : Liana Phillips
Hair Styling: Jennifer Phillips
Wardrobe Styling: Hu's Shoes

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