Tuesday, August 24, 2010

long time, no see!

Hey guys!!!
We hope you didn't forget about us!!! Summer has taken over our lives and the lazy days have set in... aside from work, Liana and I have been busy doing much of nothing. Lots of exciting things took place last week, considering we were on our week long road trip down to Savannah, Charleston, and Asheville!!! We are going to be posting pics within the next couple of entries.

Considering it's close to September, which means summer is coming to a close. I was thinking of a few pics I took of our dear client Erin. When Erin first started coming to us, she was a very bright vibrant blonde. Yet like many blondes, she was growing tired of the upkeep and wanted to return a bit closer to her natural level of hair color. Erin is a sweetheart, she is literally a Hillary Duff lookalike. The reason she's in my thoughts mainly is because this is the time of year when lots of women are thinking of their fall wardrobe and how their hair color will accomodate them throughout the cooler months. This decision making tends to lead most gals to deepening and darkening their color.

I wish I had a pick of her as light blonde, but I don't. :-(
We decided to darken her base color to a shade very close to her natural level. After this, I simply painted just a few face framing highlights, literally just a half of a shade lighter than her base to give her a little lightness and dimension around her hairline.

Liana is Erin's stylist as well, Erin wears Liana's long layered cut very well!!! This is probably as natural looking as it can get. ;):)
Hope to see you guys soon!

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  1. Hi!
    Fall hair color trends are on my mind too! Have you seen this blog? I've been stalking it looking for ideas to bring to my Friday appt w Liana. (I didn't realize you guys had your own blog too!)
    There's a good post on what to do with your bangs too, and another on the "Ombre" color trend.