Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A proud moment..

While Liana and I were on vacation, we received very exciting news from a friend that us two, "The Phillips Sisters" had been written up in the Washingtonian for our hair skills. We were in Asheville North Carolina at this point of our vacation, scrambling through this mountain town for a book store that could possible carry copies of the magazine...not happening.
Needless to say, our loved ones were notified of the exciting news and an image of our names in glossy paper appeared via text message.

The write up is actually in a very imformative, in-the-know article written by Cinthia Hacinli and McLean Robbins. You can check it out in the September issue with Donovan McNabb on the cover. It's just a little blurb, but we see it as a proud moment and a stepping stone in our careers.

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