Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Product Contest!

It's that time again...another FREE PRODUCT GIVEAWAY!!
Since the holidays are approaching, most of us will be wanting to create something a little more glamorous than our everyday hair we wear. Whether it be a get-together with friends or an office party, something a little more fancy will be in order.

 Bigger in some cases equals better. In my case, bigger hair always equals full on glam. A go-to product of mine is Oribe's Dry Texturizing Spray. This product is an invisible dry spray that will help you achieve control and yes, volume. It creates a ton of texture in the hair and also acts as a brilliant alternative to dry shampoo, which could be helpful the next morning if your party runs late on a work night.

For this contest, you are to decide who is the cuter Santa..or you can vote on which Santa you enjoy the least, either way you are in the clear. Two conditions for the contest, you MUST be a follower of currenthair.blogspot.com.  You must also leave your choice in a comment in the comment section of this post. When leaving your comment, please don't forget to include at least your name so we can be in touch with you if you are our lucky winner!!!

And now....here are our Santas...Good Luck!!

Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Phillipe as Santa..I think I have my pick ;)
Classic Mariah as Santa

Jessica Simpson as Santa

Xtina as Santa


  1. it should go without saying that #1 is my fave...Cruel Intentions was my favorite movie for a reason back in college..yum!!!!