Thursday, March 25, 2010

Art in New York

On Monday we went to New York to visit the MOMA, we initially planned the trip to check out Tim Burton's exhibit. A few days before we headed up there Liana read an article in the New York Post about Marina Abramovic's exhibit that was also being displayed at the Moma. If anyone is in the New York area or is planning a trip up there we strongly suggest checking out both exhibits.

Some would say that Abramovic is strange, yet provocative, and there is no doubt that she pushes the envelope. A few pieces of the exhibit include, a table filled with multiple knives, a cupcake, whips, and other odd objects she allowed any member from a past performance art piece to use on her however they wanted. There is a human doorway with two naked people you are allowed to pass through,and a van she and her (former) partner Ulay lived in for two years while driving around in Europe.

The Tim Burton exhibit was packed! At times, it was a little unnerving, but expected. In the beginning of the exhibit, you enter through a room which resembles a haunted house, with striped black and white walls, and TV monitors lining the walls. They were showcasing a bunch of old cartoons Tim Burton did in his younger years, and your encouraged to move along quickly, so we didn't get a chance to watch it for long. There was tons of work from all of his films, including the Edward Scissor hands costume!!

We saw Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child in the Broadway musical "Chicago" as well, the talent of those ladies and gentlemen is incomprehensible, their bodies are flawless and they can do the splits like no other! We loved the play and that 8 dollars we spent on our 2- 16 oz bottles of deer park was worth every penny!

New York was a little soggy, due to the inclement weather. Along the way to NY Liana picked up a stomach virus so we didn't get nearly as much shopping done as we wanted .... Next month we are planning another trip focused on shopping and hair!

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