Thursday, March 18, 2010

Coils and Coils and Coils OH MY!!

We did a photo shoot a few months ago at Urban with some colleagues and friends to spark some inspiration. For our first look, we decided to use some extensions to add a little drama and flare. Our good friend/client Jessica, who happens to be an award winning Karaoke champion was a perfect fit for what we were going for.
For anyone who has fallen in love with this look, here are a few pointers on how you can achieve it, at home:
Jessica's hair was clean and dry. We took a radial (ear to ear) parting, dividing her hair in half. Each section was then slicked back into a pony, brushed firmly using a Denman flat brush. "Rock Hard Gel" was the
essential glue for this look, thanks to our friends at Oribe for creating this brilliantly strong product!

After each pony was fastened, we curled her hair with a 1" curling iron, adding a few curled hair extensions creating a "ball" of hair. We added the hair extensions to add density and volume. Finally, we spliced (split and sliced) each curl, one by one, teasing each curl with our fingers. The more you tease and splice, the bigger and more dramatic your "hair balls" will get :) We finished it off with "Classic Hair Spray" by bumble and bumble. We used a ton!!

Haircolor by Jen Phillips
Haircut by Liana Phillips
HairStyling by Liana Phillips
Styling by Hu's Shoes

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