Monday, November 15, 2010

Actresses of the 70's Part One

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend left me at home alone to fend for myself while he went to Rochester for a work related seminar.  As much as I like to guilt trip him into thinking I'm feeling abandoned, I quite enjoy my alone time. This time can feel somewhat comforting on a Saturday night after a long week of work. I had the chance to watch a few sappy love stories through On Demand and my Netflix subscription. I like to indulge in the classics including leading ladies from the 70's.

In a modern world like this one, where our boobs aren't "big" enough, we aren't "thin" enough, "tan" enough, or in some cases, downright "good" enough, it's such a refreshing feeling to watch gorgeous natural women on screen.  So curled up on the couch alone, with cupcakes from Hello, a bottle of wine and at points my laptop at hand, I watched "The Way We Were." This movie is one my boyfriend has never been able to sit through and a must-see for me. I've seen it a trillion times and could never tire of it. Babs is a lady people either idolize or despise. I've always thought you could tell a lot about a person on how they feel about Barbra. I am a fan, always have been, always will be. In my eyes, Barbra Streisand's beauty is timeless, flaws (if you consider them flaws) and all. She posesses a rare talent of being an incredible actress and having an amazing voice.  I don't see ladies of this caliber getting much recognition these days, unfortunately.

Like many aspects of chick flicks from 70s I adore is usually the fashion. I'm not sure if this is due to my hippie mommy upbringing or my love of comfortable clothes..but I love the carefree elegance of the 70s.

Barbra Streisand is playing an extremely rare show at the comparatively tiny Village Vanuguard on Saturday.
Babs at the studio...born in Brooklyn, this could qualify her as the Original Hipster
Wowzas Barbra! Nice waistline by the way!


DonnaSummerBarbraStreisand-Enoug-1.jpg Donna Summer &  Barbara Streisand - Enough Is Enough image by kjv31
A force to be reckoned with..

Barbara Streisand
nice hair!

Who is your favorite actress from the Seventies?


  1. what a beautiful post:) I heart Babs..she is FIERCE!! In the picture labeled "Gorgeous" dont you think she looks like Carrie Bradshaw?!!?and I heart her nose..I believe she was told to get it done and she put her foot down..lovelovelove her:)

  2. She does resemble Carrie a little bit. She's great! you should youtube the interview of Barbra and Robert Redford on Oprah this past tuesday, it was great!! Next up..Ali McGraw! Stay tuned! :)