Thursday, November 18, 2010

Get the Look!

If you liked the hair in our Ombre post, here is how to get it! 
These are the products you will need : Oribe's Superfine Hair Spray, Oribe's Texture Spray, Bumble and Bumble's Brilliantine, and Bumble and Bumble's surf spray. Enjoy!

Step 1.Start with clean, 
air or blow dried hair.

Step 2. Section off 2/3rds of hair with a clip.
(you will take 3 sections total)

Step 3.Use Oribe's superfine hair spray to protect
hair against heat and as a setting spray.
Spray each section before using iron.

Step 4. Hold curling iron vertical
and wrap hair around iron,
without using the claspe to hold hair. (tip: leave ends out)

Step 5. Repeat 4 all over head.

Step 6. Take  second section down,
while seperating  and leaving top section out.

Step 7. Repeat step 4 through section,
pay attention to the way the curls go around the face
if one side is curling in one way,
the other side should curl in the same direction  (both sides should be curling in or away from face *see step 9)

Step 8. Take down last and final section!

Step 9. Personalize the top/front pieces
while leaving the ends out.

Step 10. Personalize the bang area, only curling the last
3rd of the bang to add a little bend.

Step 11. Massage the scalp to provide
volume at the root.
(Tip: spray Oribe's texture spray at root for extra volume)

Step 12. Use Bumble and Bumble's Brilliantine
 and Surf spray, to add more volume
(for lack of a better word) "scrunch" to get a messier, slept in look.

Step 13. Be happy and proud of your work of Art!

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  1. gorgeous! that's how i do mine as well :) i'll be holding a yumi kim contest but later in january, i think you'll be interested! :)